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Repairing Your Damaged FileMaker® Pro Files

We test your possibly corrupt files

In case you think your file suffers from corruption you may send us the file for a test. Please note that we do not check for programming faults or wrong field (or other elements) definitions.

Please send your problematic .fp7 or .fmp12 file in .zip format to, or provide a download URL.

The file must meet the following conditions:

If your files are too big to be sent by email, please create a new Dropbox account which is free for up to 2 GB. Please make your Dropbox folder writable, so we can upload the repaired file.

After testing the file we will report back what we have found. Usually these are the possible results:

If we can't repair the file, nothing will be charged!

In case it can be repaired AND you agree to have it repaired, we will charge what has been offered.

At this point please provide:

Repairing Access Privileges typically is US$ 300 per file or per 500 MB (whichever is more) and will take one or two days. EU residents will be charged € 250,-, if they provide a valid VAT-Id, otherwise, as well as German residents, will be charged an additional 19 % VAT, regardless.

How far can we go?

The most complicated case we were able to solve up to now:
A file with about 6000 records suddenly had just one record left. The records inside the file were in fact all gone, but the index of the fields still existed. Since most of the fields were indexed we could recreate the records from the index. The difference to the original file was: all words were lower case and data beyond 100 Bytes of a line in a field was just added as words in alphabetical order, but it made sense to the customer. Numbers, dates, times, and timestamps were restored to their original value.

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