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Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues

On the Windows platform:


Range of reports

The internal FileMaker 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 structure consists of the following main sections of which FMDiff reports differences between files. All sections are compared, but not all details are being reported. This ranges from "Section modified" (p. e. Layouts) to precise details (p. e. Fields). Please check out the example report or download the free version and try for yourself.

The version numbers below indicate the implementation of the section's attributes. The listed version may not already be available for download - but can be expected soon. Please see Download for available versions.

Section Version Reported Details
GeneralOptions 1.0.6 used FileMaker applications, system versions
   Recover count1.2 per system (PPC, Intel, Windows)
Global Settings 2.0 window bounds, zoom bounds, dictionaries...
   Window Settings2.0 zoomed and un-zoomed bounds
   Language Dictionaries2.0 language and user dictionaries file paths
   Locale Settings2.0 Currency, calendar names, date format
   File Settings2.0 line breaking, Smart Quotes, on open options
BaseTables 1.0 name, modCount, connected TOs and fields
Tables (TOs) 1.0.8 name
Fields 1.0 name, modCount, comment
   Definitions1.0.5 all settings
   Calculations1.2 all calculations
Layouts1.0 name, modCount
CustomFunctions1.0 name, modCount
   Calculations1.2 all calculations
Scripts 1.0 name, modCount
   Script Steps1.3 all steps in great detail
   Script highlighting2.0 differences are marked with color
Accounts 1.0.1 name, modCount
PrivilegeSets 1.0.1 name, modCount
ExtendedPrivileges 1.0.1 name, modCount
(Fonts) 1.0.6 name
(Graphics) 1.1.0 removed and added IDs
   Graphic type and size2.0 .jpg, .png, etc. and size in pixels
ExternalDataSources 1.0.1 name, modCount, filePaths
ValueLists 1.0.3 name, modCount, custom values
CustomMenuSets 1.0.1 name, modCount, comment
CustomMenus 1.0.1 name, modCount, comment
Relationships 1.1.0 Predicates
   with TO names, fields1.2 all settings
Extended error checking 1.1.0 Reports illegal ID sequence, wrong block length
   Extended error checking2.0 further improved

For FileMaker 5, 5.5 and 6 just definition changes for these sections are reported.

Section Version Reported Details
Field Definitions 1.0.5 all settings, except calculations
Layouts 1.0 name
Scripts 1.0 name
(Fonts) 1.0.6 name
ValueLists 1.0 name
Relationships - -

FileMaker 3, 4 and 4.1 files are reported like FileMaker 5 files, but have not been tested.

Any information about FMDiff and FMVis is subject to change without notice.

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