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FMDiff at Exhibitions and Presentations

A collection of pictures

2014 Developer Conference in San Antonio, TX, USA (JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa) - July 28-31

You are invited to visit our vendor session on Thursday, July 31 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. in room Periwinkle

2013 Developer Conference in San Diego, CA, USA (Hilton Bayfront) - August 12-15

FMDiff booth

Winfried Huslik presenting FMDiff 3 and a preview of FMVis

2011 Developer Conference in San Diego, CA, USA (Hilton Bayfront) - August 2-5

To the Conference and Showroom Bill Epling knows me!

Entry to the Conference and showroom
Bill Epling has spotted me.

FileMaker and FMDiff booth

FileMaker booth: work in progress.

2010 Developer Conference in San Diego, CA, USA (Sheraton Hotel & Marina) - August 15-18

The new FMDiff booth

The new FMDiff 2.0 booth appearance with Winfried and Uli

2009 Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA, USA (Hilton O'Farrell Street) - August 13-16

San Francisco Bay Bridge Exhibitors move in

View to the Bay Bridge
Exhibitors move in

2008 Developer Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA (J. W. Marriott) - July 13-17

Jeff Benjamin

Left: Special demonstration for Jeff Benjamin (FileMaker, Inc.) at the FMDiff booth.

2007 Presentation at Abecon b.v., Huizen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Nov 9th

2007Abecon1 2007Abecon2

Winfried Huslik explained the FileMaker file structure and how FMDiff can be utilized to compare files and folders of a solution, as well as to detect file corruption. After the presentation more than half of the participants ordered FMDiff.

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