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Download FMDiff

The Free FMDiff version gives you an idea about what the licensed FMDiff version does and how it can be of good use for you.

In case you later decide to license the full FMDiff version, you may upgrade at any time from within the application without even quitting it.

Simply select Buy License from FMDiff's Help menu and follow the brief instructions. All you need is an internet connection and a credit card or a Paypal account. The full functionality is available instantly without delay. All transactions are processed via a secure connection to eSellerate.

Of course you may also enter name and license number manually. To take advantage of the special upgrade or crossgrade prices, using the web shop is mandatory. A later refund is not possible.

Download FMDiff Format      Size           Version
FMDiff 4 for Macintosh .dmg 8.67 MB 4.0.5
FMDiff 4 for Windows .exe 5.88 MB 4.0.5
FMDiff 4 for Windows (alternative format) .zip 5.81 MB 4.0.5

The files below (not updated for version 4 yet) are also contained within the application package and are placed here for your convenience. To download the PDF - instead of viewing it in a browser - hold down the option key (Mac) or control key (Windows) while clicking the link.
About FMDiff .pdf 211 kByte 2
Terms of Sale .pdf 757 kByte

Download FMVis
FMVis 2 for Macintosh .dmg 9.02 MB 2.0.3
FMVis 2 for Windows     .exe 6.09 MB 2.0.3
FMVis 2 for Windows (alternative format) .zip 6.02 MB 2.0.3

Previous versions

Previous versions of FMDiff and FMVis may be downloaded using the links in the following table. Note that development concerning bugfixes and new features is happening only in the most recent version of FMDiff and FMVis.

Application Macintosh Windows
FMDiff 1 (v1.3.0) .dmg (3.47 MB) .exe (2.18 MB), .zip (2.15 MB)
FMDiff 2 (v2.0.3) .dmg (7.57 MB) .exe (3.82 MB), .zip (3.74 MB)
FMDiff 3 (v3.0.10) .dmg (10.36 MB) .exe (4.72 MB), .zip (4.66 MB)

FMVis 1 (v1.0.8) .dmg (11.07 MB) .exe (5.15 MB), .zip (5.08 MB)

Minimum system requirements

Macintosh: OS X 10.7 or later
Windows 2000: Service pack 4
Windows XP: Service pack 2

FMDiff does not run on Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 because it relies on libraries which are not contained with older systems. An update to 10.7 (or higher) is recommended.

See Issues + Limitations for a list of currently implemented sections.

Any information about FMDiff and FMVis is subject to change without notice.

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