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Make Use of All Features of FMDiff™

The licensed version of FMDiff offers extensive error checking. You can be 99.9 % sure that your files will not contain any hidden corruption, that sometime soon will bring the system down and cause other expenses, likely a multiple of the FMDiff license fee. Check out an article about how to detect File Corruption. Further you're able to compare two folders containing any number of solution files in one go.

Download the free FMDiff version and select Buy FMDiff from the Help menu. You will be guided through the purchase via a secure connection to eSellerate. The FMDiff License will be applied instantly.

You may also buy FMDiff at our Web Shop.

All Licenses and paid Upgrades include free updates for one year.

The single user license entitles you to use FMDiff on up to 5 machines of your own.
If you want to install FMDiff on your customer's machines, the customer requires a separate license.

License Developers   Price
Single User 1 US$    399
3 Users up to 3 US$    999
5 Users up to 5 US$ 1,399
10 Users up to 10 US$ 2,199

EU residents please add 19 % VAT or supply a valid VAT-Id for their business.

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